Membership Questionnaire

Commerce Bond builds valuable relationships between executive-level professionals who serve as key and valued advisors to the decision-makers at their clients. Our members have the highest degree of trust, competence, honor, effectiveness and responsiveness. Commerce Bond fosters the environment necessary to generate commerce, build relationships, and engender collaboration among our members for the benefit of their clients and each other.

If a member is unable to attend their monthly group meeting, they may send another senior-level trusted advisor from the member's firm in their place.

How do I become a member?

1. After you have attended two meetings and participated in two Bonds, you must complete the Membership Questionnaire BEFORE being admitted as a member.

2. This questionnaire allows Commerce Bond to evaluate your candidacy for membership and to determine the group that would allow you the best opportunity to thrive as a Commerce Bond member.

3. If your candidacy for membership is approved, you will be sent a link to confirm your invitation and pay your annual membership dues. Annual membership dues are $800. Dues are payable in FULL once you've accepted the Membership Invitation to join.

4. After you have paid your dues, you should complete your profile and upload a picture. A completed profile and the uploading of a picture is an important part of presenting a professional image and placing yourself in a position to take full advantage of your membership.

As a prospective member of Commerce Bond, we want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the benefits you will derive from membership in Commerce Bond and that you understand the level of commitment required in order to realize these benefits. When responding to the questions below, we do not expect you to mention specific client/prospect/referral sources by name in your answers.

Upon completion of this questionnaire we will notify you via email that we have received your information.

A link will be provided to complete the questionnaire once you have had an opportunity to guest twice at a Commerce Bond meeting.