Prospective Members

Commerce Bond better enables members to develop mutually beneficial business relationships between executive-level professionals who serve as key and valued advisors to the decision-makers at their clients. Our members have the highest standards of trust, competence, honor, effectiveness and responsiveness. Commerce Bond fosters the environment necessary to generate commerce, build relationships, and engender collaboration among our members for the benefit of their clients and each other.

If you have been a guest at two meetings and have participated in two Bonds and you are interested in becoming a member of Commerce Bond, please complete a Prospective Member Questionnaire. The level of detail we require is a necessary first step for a prospective member Commerce Bond has a non-solicitation policy. Referrals and commerce come from the relationships you develop. To help foster relationship, Commerce Bond members do not "sell" to each other. Direct soliciting of business and unsolicited distribution of marketing materials to other members is against our philosophy and grounds for revocation of membership.

Prospective members may guest up to two times at Commerce Bond meetings over a four month period prior to making a decision to join. Membership in Commerce Bond will be backdated to your first meeting as a guest, even if the attendance is at a group not joined.

The Executive Board has final approval on all decisions regarding membership.

Annual membership dues are $800. Dues are payable in FULL once you have accepted the Membership Invitation to join.

Membership renewal is at the discretion of the Executive Board. The Board will evaluate a member’s participation and actions to contribute to the Commerce Bond and its members. Participation includes 80% attendance at meetings and participating in all of your Bonds. Your fellow members and you will help each other achieve success, serve as resources to each other and each other’s clients and provide referrals to fellow Commerce Bond members.

Valued Resources

An incredible benefit of Commerce Bond is the ability to collaborate with highly-skilled professionals who can help you develop unique and more valuable contributions to your clients.

Valued Relationships

Our monthly group meetings (refer to the Group Meeting Calendar for dates, times and locations) create the perfect atmosphere with your fellow members. Between meetings, you will participate in a "Bond", which enables three or four members or guests to get to know each other in more depth over breakfast, lunch or coffee. Members may also be a guest at other Commerce Bond meetings up to three times per year per group. Members from many groups may network at Commerce Bond organized mixers and social events.

Valued Data Base

If you have an opportunity for a fellow member, one seeking a business opportunity and a fellow member might help, you can announce the opportunity through the website. Opportunities are distributed weekly.

Valued knowledge

Through presentations and participation at Commerce Bond meetings and “Bonds,” as well as less formal interactions, members discover new and emerging facts, issues, concerns and opportunities in other professions and commercial areas.

Valued Referrals

Members, who Know you, Like you and Trust you, become your important resources and Referrals, for the mutual benefit of each other’s clients and themselves.

Who is a suitable member?

An executive-level professional who is a valued and influential advisor and regularly introduces clients to other professionals and resources both within and outside of their focus area.

Prospective members have the following attributes:

Influential Advisor: You are the person clients trust to guide them through their most pressing moments. Clients ask you to find them other professionals outside your area of expertise.

Connector: you have a consistent ability to make meaningful connections between professional service providers and potential clients or other referral sources. You have a diverse and interactive database of professional service providers and executives who have a similar mindset in that they seek to help others achieve success in a giving and unselfish way. Newer professionals who are actively refining their skills at making referrals may be eligible for participation in the Commerce Bond’s Relationship Development Group ("RDG").

Professional: Are you an exemplar in your profession. Do present an aura of competence, professionalism and a high degree of trustworthiness. Do people view you as effective and responsive? Naturally, you need to be in good standing, certified and/or licensed in your profession.

Presence: You walk into a room and people are glad to see you because of your personality and your position in your profession. You have and display a positive outlook. You act bring an upbeat feeling to any encounter and make others feel welcome and as part of a mutually beneficial community of exemplary professionals.

Target Markets: Commerce Bond members service businesses both large and small, but we have a particular concentration in middle-market companies and high net worth individuals. Our members interact at the highest level of their clients from the owner’s suite to the C-suite and Boards of Directors. Come and see for yourself how the power of effective relationships can help you and your clients. Be a guest at a Commerce Bond meeting today.

We look forward to considering you for inclusion in amongst the highly effective, well-respected and helping members of Commerce Bond.