Member Responsibilities

Commerce Bond builds valuable relationships between executive-level professionals who serve as key and valued advisors to the decision-makers at their clients. Our members have the highest standards of trust, competence, honor, effectiveness and responsiveness. Commerce Bond fosters the environment necessary to generate commerce, build relationships, and engender collaboration among our members for the benefit of their clients and each other.

I value my membership in Commerce Bond. I want all members of Commerce Bond community to benefit from their membership, to achieve this, I will adhere to the following:

  1. Participation: : I will, not only meet, but also get to know members of my group. I will attend at least 80% of my group’s meetings during each membership year. I will RSVP via the site before each meeting. I will attend my assigned Bonds.
  2. Share: I will referral to and provide introductions to members of my group and throughout Commerce Bond community.
  3. Referrals: I will tell the people who refer to me the results of the referral. I will give testimonials literally.
  4. Knowledge Source: I will share my knowledge and experience with my Commerce Bond co-members.
  5. Growth: I commit to the continued success of Commerce Bond by recruiting qualified new prospective members.
  6. Integrity: I promptly will pay fees for services I utilize from any Commerce Bond member.
  7. Privacy: I will follow the non-solicitation rules; I will not sell or rent Commerce Bond membership list or send mass emails to members without their permission.

I understand that if I breach any of these responsibilities of membership, my membership may be revoked immediately without reimbursement of any dues or fees previously remitted to Commerce Bond.