COMMERCE BOND™ is a network of business professionals who are looking to forge mutually rewarding relationships with other trusted business professionals.


At COMMERCE BOND™, we are committed to the principle of quality over quantity. We know that forging solid relationships with a few fellow trusted professionals results in much more shared commerce than the happenstance of referrals among a large number of random acquaintances.

How does COMMERCE BOND™ ensure that its members are "quality"?

COMMERCE BOND™ members are closely vetted. We offer memberships only to those who are established in their business, in a position to refer clients or bring in other professionals, and have shown a high level of professionalism, trustworthiness, and skill.

How does COMMERCE BOND™ accomplish "quality over quantity"?

COMMERCE BOND™ groups are limited in size to a maximum of 24 business professionals and the number of guests from other groups attending each meeting is also limited. Each meeting should be an opportunity to get to know your fellow professionals better and to share actual work experiences, not just give an "elevator speech" or pass out promotional material. Also, the close vetting of members ensures the managed growth of the COMMERCE BOND™ membership.